Venture Kids Ministry

In Venture Kids Ministry, we want to inspire in our kids a compelling faith.  We don't want our kids to just know Bible facts and trivia, we want our kids to encounter God, to learn to hear His voice and to respond to His call.   In order to help place our kids in the path of the Divine, we want to be purposeful in the environments we create.  We invite you to join us on our journey towards knowing God more fully, being surrendered to His call and obedient to His voice.

Our Core Values

We believe that to grow spiritually healthy families, parents must be equipped to be the primary nurturers of their kid’s faith (Deuteronomy 6), that the faith community needs to play a supportive role in this endeavor (Ephesians 4), and that we must remain dependent on the Holy Spirit to bring about spiritual growth and formation when and as he chooses (Philippians 2:13).

Our Fundamentals

  • We believe that as children grow in their love for Jesus, they will grow in obedience to him.
  • We believe that children must find their true identity in Christ, not in the world.
  • We believe that children need safe, nurturing places to experience God’s love and celebrate his goodness.
  • We believe that as children grow more in love with Jesus, he opens their hearts to look beyond themselves and to love and care for the needs of others.

Our Goals

  • We strive to show unconditional love to each child who comes through our doors. 
  • We strive to show each child that he or she is special just because they are loved by God. 
  • We strive to show each child the same mercy and grace that God offers us all.