High Voltage Kids

On Wednesday nights, from 7:00-8:15 pm, our elementary aged kids enjoy an interactive lesson time using the High Voltage Kids curriculum- which includes high-tech video, graphics, music, and other media elements that kids love.  Our kids go through various lessons series that focus on Christian living, and applying Biblical truths to their everyday lives. 

The Garden: A Series of Unfortunate Events

On Wednesday nights, our elementary aged kids are working a new 4 week series called, "The Garden"  

During this series, we will be exploring how we can avoid  giving into temptation. The enemy wants to snare us in the trap of temptation and cause as much pain as he can when we give into sin.

Children are often unaware of the traps the devil has laid out for them. Because their eyes are not open and wary, they end up falling into traps of lying, deceit, stealing, revenge, and many other temptations.

In this series of lessons, our children will look at the story of the original sin from the perspective of each of the characters involved: Satan (serpent), Adam, Eve, and God. As we examine the story from all of these different perspectives, we will see the range of emotions and impact that the same series of events had on each of these characters.

The goal is to help our kids understand that we ALL are tempted and we ALL have to choose how to handle that temptation. In addition, God’s response to ALL of us, whether we resist the temptation or fall prey to it, is the same...He loves us and comes looking for us. 


Starting May 1st, our Kids will start a new series called, "Giant!" where kids will explore the story of David and Goliath.


David and Goliath is one of the most classic stories in the Bible. It has been one of the favorites of children of all ages for centuries. Often when we read or tell this story, we miss some of the key lessons we can learn from it.

In this series, we focus on this story in multiple parts and from multiple angles. There are many lessons that your children will learn that will help them discover the inner “giant-killer” in themselves.

We pray God will use this story and these lessons to help inspire your children to take on their biggest fears, issues, and problems. It is then that God can use their stories to encourage other children to do the same thing. 

It is an amazing series that we know your children will enjoy!